Scientific Activity

The most significant scientific and practical results received for the last years:

  • new types of cosmic substance were found and studied;
  • developed the isotope-geochemical method for determining of interconnection of underground waters by distribution of natural isotopes of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and uranium;
  • the evolution of uranium ore formation in Precambrian period of Ukrainian shield was investigated. Also the possibility to reveal the high grade and complex uranium ores on the territory of this shield was substantiated;
  • the uniform data bank on consequences of Chornobyl catastrophe was created for Ukraine, Russia and Belarus;
  • the results of assessment of ecological risks from consequences of Chornobyl catastrophe was obtained and strategical decisions concerning further mitigation of ecological damage of catastrophe was suggested;
  • biodistruction effect of irradiated reactor graphite was determined;
  • mineral-like compositional materials for immobilization and safe isolation of the most radiotoxic longlasting radionuclides were developed;
  • studied the corrosion stability of archeological artifacts (manufacture of glass, copper, bronze) analogues of modern materials that would be used at geological burial of radioactive wastes;
  • the mechanisms of decontamination of technogenic and natural objects, mechanisms of ecosystems selfpurification, forecast models of radioecological situation on polluted territories were determined;
  • estimated the potential radiological danger of radioactive wastes concentrated in Chornobyl alienation zone and strategical decision on danger minimization was proposed;
  • the potential suitable districts and geological formations for burial of shortliving radioactive wastes in surface depots and longliving radioactive wastes in underground geological depots were determined;
  • by means of integrated geochemical indices there was developed the complex method of assessment and forecast of radioecological situation on territories polluted in result of radiation catastrophe;
  • the geochemical processes that control the rate of natural decontamination of environment were allocated;
  • the factors of technogenic-ecological danger and risks of their display in the zone of influence of South-Ukrainian NPP were determined;
  • classification of natural and technogenic factors of wastes influence on environment was developed;
  • the electronic maps of distribution of modern geodynamic exogenous processes in the borders of Ukraine were created.

Introduction the results of investigations:

  • Automated complex of assessment of human inner irradiation "SCREENER" (gold medal on International exhibition in Brussels);
  • Automated system of remote radiation control of polluted territories "ASPEK";
  • Portable g-spectrometry working station of radiational control "VECTOR" and corresponding methods of instrumentation that were used by Ministry of Defence of Ukraine at peacemaking operation in Kosovo (2001);
  • Method of obtaining of biomineral sorbents suitable for water and sewage purification from technogenic contamination;
  • Complex program of radioactive wastes treatment;
  • Technical task on creation of environment complex monitoring system of South-Ukrainian Power Complex;
  • Law of Ukraine "About special State Fund of radioactive wastes treatment;
  • Law of Ukraine "About waste";
  • Law of Ukraine "About State program of toxic wastes treatment";
  • State program of industrial wastes using and consumption on the period till 2005 year;
  • State standard "Ukrainian wastes classifier" and "Methodical guidance" to it;
  • Results of ecological examination of phosphorous catastrophe in Lviv region (2007).

Training of Scientific Staff

Description of specialties for training of research workers.