Since 2000 the Collected papers of the State Institution 'The Institute of Environmental Geochemistry of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine' are specialized edition submitted in the list of the Supreme Certification Committee of Ukraine — geological sciences.


УДК [550.42:621.039](066)
Збірник наукових праць / Інститут геохімії навколишнього середовища — Київ, 2007. — вип. 14. — 193 с.

The collection includes articles devoted to topical ecological problems of geochemistry of technogenesis in case of chemical and radioactive contamination of the environment. Distribution of the contaminants in the elements of surface and water ecosystems in the post-accidental period, mechanisms of natural and technogenic immobilization of radionuclides are discussed. The prediction experience of environmental situation under conditions of technogenic impact on the environment is critically estimated. The authors present new compositions of materials for immobilization of radionuclides in waste disposal and assess the possibility of use of mineral resource industry wastes in the national economy.

For scientific workers and specialists in the field of ecology, geochemistry, radiogeochemistry.


УДК [550.42:621.039](066)
Збірник наукових праць/ Інститут геохімії навколишнього середовища — Київ, 2006. — Вип. 13. — 118 с.

The articles present the publications are dedicated to the most significant results of the vicennial research, which were received during the scientific accompaniment of works on minimization of the Chernobyl disaster consequences. The materials of publications contain theoretical evidence and new experimental data. They also consider the topical questions on the environmental radiochemistry, guidance bases for assessment of ecological danger and efficiency of radiation control means, scientific and technical problems of radioactive wastes management.

For scientific workers and specialists in the field of ecology, geochemistry, radiogeochemistry.

УДК [550.42:621.039](066)
Збірник наукових праць/ Інститут геохімії навколишнього середовища — Київ, 2006. — Вип. 12. — 114 с.

Most articles published in the collection cover the urgent problems of raw materials sources for Ukrainian nuclear industry, mechanism of formation and location of uranium ore deposits on Ukrainian shield, prediction of uranium ore content and formation analysis of uranium-bearing zones. Some questions of genetic ratio of gold and uranium mineralization and geochemical relation of uranium and vanadium have been discussed. The major types of metasomatites connected with uranium rare-earth and rare-metal mineralization in the Precambrian of Ukrainian shield are compared. Separation of transcontinental British-Levantine structure concentrating gold-silver-complex mineralization of various age and formational origin is justified.

Several articles are focused on environmental problems. Deep geological disposal of the spent nuclear fuel is suggested as an option for solving the problem of waste accumulation during operation of the power generating units. The role of geological environment in minimization of technogenic contamination by garbage grounds is demonstrated.

The collection may be useful for wide circle of specialists in the field of ore formation, metallogeny and geochemistry.


Тектоника, металлогения, минеральные ресурсы. Сборник науч. раб. ИГОС НАН и МЧС Украины. Вып. 11. Том I — 198 с., т.II — 201 с. Главный редактор Е.А. Кулиш. — Киев, 2005. — 399 с. (русс.; укр.)

Collected articles is dedicated to the memory of professor G.I. Kalyaev — an outstanding geologist, practical worker and scientist, enriched geology with fundamental scientific works and fruitful ideas in many directions: tectonics, metallogeny, ore formation, mineral resources. In the articles represented in this collection, G.I. Kalyaev's pupils, colleagues and followers render a deep respect to him as a talented and many-sided geologist.

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