УДК 553.3 (066)
Збірник наукових праць / Інститут геохімії навколишнього середовища. — Київ, 2003. — Вип. 8. — 300 с.

This collection includes the papers representative of the problems of ore formation theory, consistent patterns of localization and criteria of forecasting and prospecting of mineral deposits and simulation of ore formation systems. The collection reviews cumulated experiences of a large team of scientists in metallogeny and oreformation sphere within the period of 50 years.

This collection is intended for specialists in the fields of geochemistry, metallogeny and ore formation.

УДК 553.22.2./6
Метасоматизм, рудообразование, полезные ископаемые. Сборник науч. раб. ИГОС НАН и МЧС Украины. Вып. 7. Главный редактор Е.А.Кулиш. — Киев, 2003. — 340 с. (русс.).

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Prof. I.P. Shcherban' in connection his 70-year and contains his articles as well as the articles of his colleagues from Ukraine and Russia. Various problems of metasomatism, ore formation and metallogeny of metallic and non-metallic mineral resources (ferrous and rare metals, polymetallic sulphide ores, gold, mercury, tungsten etc.) are considered in these articles.