Georgiy V. Lysychenko




Corresponding Member of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

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Other information

Other information:

Basic scientific activity is connected to geological and ecological problems of nuclear power industry and nuclear fuel cycle and also the problems of liquidation of consequences after accident on Chornobyl NPP. G.Lysychenko is a supervisor or in some cases responsible executor of researches connected to dangerous geological processes. In 1986 he leaded the stuff of Academy of Science of Ukraine in the zone of Chornobyl NPP for three months. For that activity he has governmental awards.

Due to initiative of G. Lysychenko there is an active development and improvement in the department of modern computer technologies including methods of mathematical modeling and forecast of dangerous geology-ecological processes development, risk assessment of potentially dangerous objects, creation of corresponding data bases with their cartographical support.

Scientific works of G. Lysychenko is widely known in our country and abroad. He published more then 135 scientific works and is the co-author of three patents. G. Lysychenko is a member of Scientific Council of the IEG, the deputy head of subsection of power objects monitoring section of "Nuclear safety" of scientific-technical council.