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УДК [550.42:621.039](066)
Збірник наукових праць / Інститут геохімії навколишнього середовища. — Київ, 2001. — Вип. 3/4. — 314 с.

The results on research in the field of geochemistry of technogenic radionuclides and heavy metals, geological and geochemical problems of radioactive waste safe management, their storage and disposal are presented in this collection. The articles devoted to study of consistent patterns at the distribution of technogenic and natural radionuclides and technogenic toxicants in the environment, immobilization of radionuclides, fractionation of natural isotopes in biogeochemical processes, also methodical questions on radioactive contamination measurement.

For scientists and experts working in the field of geochemistry, ecology, radioactive and toxic waste management.