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УДК [553.3/.4:550.42](066)
Збірник наукових праць Державного наукового центру радіогеохімії навколишнього середовища. — К., 2000. — Вип. 2. — 344 с.

This collection includes the papers, which consider the problems of geology and geochemistry of ore deposits as well as the problems of environmental geology. Topical problems of metallogeny of Ukraine are discussed. A lot of questions on the perspectives of exploration for diamonds, gold and other mineral deposits are considered. The problems of genesis of geological conditions of ore forming processes have been concerned.

The collection is destined to a wide circle of geologists, petrologists, geochemists and mineralogists.

УДК [550.42:621.039](066)
Збірник наукових праць / Державний науковий центр радіогеохімії навколишнього середовища НАН та МНС України. — Київ, 2000. — Вип. 1. — 342 с.

Results of studies on geochemistry of man-made radionuclides and heavy metals, geological and ecological problems of industrial waste management are presented in collection. Transformation and migration of radionuclides and toxic metals, influence of radioactive waste storages upon an environment, engineering barriers stability, high active waste immobilization, contaminated objects deactivation are sited dates and discussed.

For scientists and experts working in the field of geochemistry, ecology, radioactive and toxic waste management.